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Vips affaldsbæger / affaldskop i plast, hvid, 500 stk.
Vips affaldsbæger / affaldskop i plast, hvid, 500 stk.
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DKK 435,00 
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Om Zenith Dental:


Add & Bond, bond til hærdet komposit, flaske med 5 ml samt tilbehør

[ 63630 ]

Presenting Add&Bond™ - the bonding agent for cured composite.

Despite a reputation for “repairability”, old composite is not that easy to bond to. In fact, studies suggest that add-ons made just 15 minutes after the initial cure generally adhere with only half the strength of the original incremental build-up.

And if you’re bonding to resin that’s been in the mouth for weeks, months, or years ... it’s a lot worse. Traditionally, the best you could hope for when reparing an old restoration was some micro-mechanical retention. That’s why composite add-ons often leak, discolor, or pop off.

Now, with Add&Bond primer, bonding to old composite is not just finally reliable … but also very, very easy.

Here’s the entire technique

Using your handpiece, roughen the old composite to remove its most contaminated outer layer. (If you’re repairing an occlusal margin, you’ll want to acid etch the adjacent enamel.)

Apply Add&Bond to the old composite. No need to cure at this stage.

Then simply place your fresh composite and light-cure as usual.

And not just for repairs either

Add&Bond primer dramatically improves the bond to virtually any cured resin surface.

Brush it onto a white endodontic post to improve the bond of your core resin.

If your patient loses a composite denture tooth, simply apply Add&Bond and tack it in place with light-cure flowable composite or acrylic resin.

And it’s terrific for modifying temporary crowns and bridges. Those new automix bis-acryls can be huge time savers, but they’re very difficult to repair or remarginate. Unless, of course, you use Add&Bond.

DKK 1.238,00 


Add & Bond, bond til hærdet komposit, flaske med 5 ml samt tilbehør


Add & Bond, bond til hærdet komposit, flaske med 5 ml samt tilbehør

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